Rock Star Forgets Guitar – Same Day Courier Saves The Day

Rocks Stars are perhaps the most energetic people in the world. Think how much stamina it requires to sing your heart out in front of thousands of fans and show that you are enjoying at just as much as they are. But imagine a rock star without a guitar, well you might ask whom I am trying to kid. It did happen you know, a rock star’s worst nightmare, to forget their guitar. Fortunately a same day delivery guy saved the gig.

The Story

It so happened that one of the most famous rock stars was supposed to perform at a concert which had been organized for months, with days of preparation and extreme enthusiasm on part of the crowd. Now this huge crowd of people in Huddersfield was eagerly awaiting the rock star who has been making waves in the music industry for years and has no plans of slowing down either.

Hence the concert was about to begin in an hour but people had been surging in since afternoon to get the best place and have the time of their lives. Suddenly there was a commotion and the manager was seen rubbing her eyes and muttering expletives.

I happened to catch her arm and asked her what had happened. Normally these gals are as cool as cucumbers and usually look like a cat that’s swallowed the canary but this lady was one shaking bundle of nerves. From her garbled explanation all I could make out was “guitar forgotten in Leeds”

The Eccentric Rock star

She was worried that if the rock star wouldn’t get his guitar he might just not play for the crowd. Such are the eccentricities of rock stars. Though he had a number of spare guitars as well, he wanted to play that particular guitar only. She knew that her going back to Leeds in this traffic would only delay the concert by an hour. Since all things were already underway, it just didn’t seem right to make all these nice people wait.

Suddenly I knew that I could help, a few weeks ago I had encountered a similar situation. Well I am no rock star you see but I had forgotten an important document at home and had relied on a same day courier service to get it to me just on time.

Courier Service To The Rescue

What I did was give a call to a reliable courier service in Leeds and asked them to pick up the guitar and hand it over as soon as possible. The courier guy told us he would be with us in less than an hour. So the wait began. However we were pleasantly surprised by the timely arrival of the courier guy and the guitar was then handed over to its rightful owner.

The concert was a success thanks to the timely help provided by the same day courier service and who might that rock star be you may ask and I would reply that’s for me to know and you to find out!

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Courier Van

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Singing Career

Singing, Sing along with me 10 365 Embarking on a singing career is not an easy job and requires a bit of patience and lots of practice. There are many things which you need to know in order to launch you career in singing. There are certain rules which you need to follow. Read on to get a few basic facts to jumpstart your singing career and learn how to become a famous singer.

Try singing before an audience whenever you get a chance

One thing which you need to let go off along your way to become a sensational singing star is your shyness. Try building up your confidence and be ready to sing in front of groups. You can start small, maybe in front of friends or you could start singing at special events like a friend’s engagement or a wedding. Try singing in a confident way using gestures and eye movements so that you can hold the attention of your audience. Try to enjoy what you are doing and it is natural that people will follow suite and start enjoying it themselves. Word of mouth is pretty powerful, when people realize what a good singer you are, they will spread the word and you will be pretty well known in no time at all. 

Upload a video of you singing on Youtube

The social media is a very powerful medium and it will help generate publicity like nothing else. Take help from a close friend who’s good at making videos. Ask him to capture you at your best angles, sing as if you are singing for your life. Put some feelings in your vocals and forget about the world. Try bringing an x factor in your performance. Send links of your videos to friends and acquaintances on facebook and twitter. Who knows you might end up being the next super star. It’s a matter of trying your luck and you never know when you might hit the jackpot. If its fame you are looking for and you believe you have got the talent, then there is nothing stopping you!

Send a demo of your singing to different record companies

Make a demo tape. In order to make a perfect tape make sure to recruit few of the best local musicians, you could try talking to a few people who are in to playing gigs; most of them would love to help you for a little extra cash. Make sure that their instruments don’t over power your voice; after all it is what you are trying to sell. The music must simply bring out your vocals rather then obscuring them.

Try to enter a singing competition

Yes you got me right, try to audition for any singing competitions which are happening in your area, you never know, one of those stars taking your audition will like what you are singing and let you enter the competition and get some lime light. Also check this link out List of French singers

Try to project a particular image and stick to it

Its necessary for a singer to look appealing, looks do matter, if its public spotlight you are hungry for, you must have a certain style and image with which people can associate you. Singing well is important but looking good doesn’t hurt either. Go for a makeover, if you are a girl confide in your beautician she will help you look more glamorous. If you are a guy try changing your hairstyle and the way you dress. Looking good also does wonders for your confidence.

Try, try and try

Do not be disappointed by any rejections, you will have to face loads of them. Do not let any rejection hurt you. Take it as positive criticism and move forward. Take up small jobs like singing at gigs or joining a local band, if the audience loves you, it will do wonders for your ego. You could also try singing jingles, it’s not so bad. After all what have you got to loose?

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Singing Auditions

So you have planned to appear for a singing audition, you believe that you have what its got to ace that audition. But wait, its good to be confidant but it’s not too wise to be over confident. There are a few tips and tricks which every newbie must know before presenting themselves for an audition. For further information check out

Tips and tricks to ace that audition

  • When at the auditions it is assumed from the beginning that you are able to carry a tune with relative ease, have a strong and clear voice along with the ability to project your feelings into the song. Make sure that you have had enough practice at home and sung in front of an audience which has presented you with some positive criticism. 
  • Choose a song which is suitable for your voice. Avoid choosing songs which cause your voice to crack or appear breathy. You must sing as if you are the best, so it’s wise to choose a song which brings out the best in your voice. 
  • Try a few warming up vocal exercises before singing a song, please don’t do it in front of the people who are auditioning you, it will appear unprofessional, instead do those exercises in isolation, before you are called up to sing 
  • Try to sing in a way that’s originally your own and not a copied version of your favorite singer. If you try and copy someone else’s style, you would be caught. Those who are sitting listening to you have been in the music business for years and it’s not easy to fool them. 
  • Make sure that you have had loads of practice before appearing for an audition. However your voice must not be strained, take care of your voice by drinking warm liquids and sucking on lozenges to keep it clear.
  • When singing, try and focus on the song and how you feel about it, instead of using extra gestures or making equally funny faces. At an audition the first and foremost thing which is judged is your voice. 
  • If you plan to sing to pre recorded music, make sure that it’s properly cued so as to avoid any disruptions while singing. 
  • Have the right attitude. It is important for you to appear confident; your overall appearance should be presentable and pleasant. Greet the judges once before starting your song. Then let it flow and forget about the world, after all you are singing to get selected. Get rid of distractions and focus on your singing.  You can also join a tv series i.e., The X Factor U S TV series
  • If you don’t ace this audition, do not loose heart. There will be many opportunities. After all the greatest singers have faced rejections and come up stronger then ever. Let them inspire you to do better and keep aiming high!

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How to Sing Properly

how to sing better Singing is something which all of us have done in the shower a number of times. Many of us have a hidden talent, which even we are not aware of. Although it is true that most singers you see today are there because they are talented. Talent counts, but they have also reached there because of their hard work. Possessing a good voice is an added plus, but to work on that good voice is even more important. To sing properly, follow these steps given below.

Find your vocal range

In order to sing properly you must first know your singing range. It can be determined with the following key.


Sopranos can sing from C4 to A5

Mezzo sopranos

Can sing from A3 to F6


Can sing from F3 to F5


Can sing from C3 to A4


Can sing from F2 and E4


Can sing from E2 to E4

Join a singing class

Find a local teacher in your area who should help you with your Singing , your voice is like a part of your body, the more you train it, the stronger it will become. You need to exercise your voice in order to sing properly. If you can not afford to join a singing class you might like to join a local choir. This will help you tremendously with singing practice. You would also receive some positive feedback, regarding ways in which you can improve your singing.

Check out a few vocal training videos on Youtube

Now that you know your voice range, it is time to start training your vocals; you can take a look at 100s of free videos on Youtube which can help you with your vocal training.

Tips and tricks to become a better singer

  • Correct posture is the key to singing well. When you stand properly all the parts of your body used while singing are in proper alignment and allow you to expand and release air with ease.
  • Try breathing exercises. It is said that a good singer breathes properly. Breathe from your diaphragm and not your chest. You could try this simple exercise of lying on the floor and placing a book on your torso. When you are singing try to make the book move upwards.
  • Practice, practice and practice. You must practice your singing in all three ranges, high, middle and low. It’s a good idea to spend at least 20 minutes a day warming up your voice.
  • Try practicing your “do re mis”, try singing them forwards and backwards as fast as you can without loosing the pace. Try hitting all the notes and see that you are singing in tune and not out of it.
  • Loose your inhibitions and start taking confidence in the fact that you are practicing your singing and getting better at it day by day
  • Try singing in front of an audience. Sing in front of people who can offer you positive criticism, avoid people who weigh you down.
  • Have reasonable expectations. Singing is an art and it often requires a lot of practice. Most singers today have practiced their singing for years and years before reaching the peaks of glory. At least give yourself a few months before expecting great results.

How to sing properly, Resin on my Heartstrings

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