Hiking With Dogs in Utah

Photography adventures in provo. Provo Canyon Adventures

Happy trails!

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Can I bring my camera? The trail is wide enough for a truck, so they can get up there once a year and photography adventures in provo the Y. There are two mild hikes between platforms with a slight incline.

Photo Gallery - Adventure Zipline Utah This experience is fun for the whole family and great for groups.

If your adventure is cancelled due to weather, you may rebook for another time, or we will refund the purchase price. Park by the other cars and walk into our Yurt to get checked in! Additional programs include indoor and outdoor rock climbing, canoeing, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, camping, and specialized group trips.

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I've been on this hike at least 3 times; this is the first I've gone to the tippy-top of the Y though you can go to the base or the upper-middle as well. Gear includes harness, gloves, helmet, and personal brake. Raft and Zipline 4 hrs Monday-Saturday at 10am, 2pm You will go platform to platform zig-zagging down the canyonside.

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I found that rising early was a great way to enjoy places in the company of fewer people. Skirts are not recommended, as they are not as comfortable while wearing your harness. There will be a red wagon marking our parking area.

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The organization also works with the University of Utah Recreation and Outdoor Rental Program to house and rent adaptive equipment. Please bring any medication that may be immediately necessary to prevent the onset of a serious medical event: asthma inhalers, epi-pens, insulin, etc.


We should've gone in the morning or evening when the sun wouldn't be beating on us quite so hard. Where can I find your Rider Waiver?

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So feel free to leave the camera behind! Pick from any of our activities below to put together the perfect combination of outdoor fun for your photography adventures in provo.

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Erin, Travis, and their kids, Zoe and Millie, were troopers in the rain. The Y from the base of the trail.

Utah Adventures- Fine Art Photography ยป My Website What if we miss our reservation time? The trail is wide enough for a truck, so they can get up there once a year and whitewash the Y.

There is nothing better than hiking with dogs. It is also super crowded.

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Each participant must be able to complete the hikes.

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